20 of the Best SUV’s for City Driving

SUVs are great to drive. They are spacious and comfortable, as well as safe. The problem however is usually the difficulty driving them in crowded spaces and urban areas as well as finding parking spots. So in spite of the comfort and luxurious feeling they give, many people tend to dismiss the idea of driving an SUV in a big or crowded city. Nevertheless, there are many great SUVs available on the market which can be easy and enjoyable to drive in a city. To help you with this, here are the 20 best SUVS for city driving:

Kia Soul

2017 Soul Turbo


The Kia Soul is a great SUV for city driving, it is small and practical as well as easy to drive in crowded spaces due to its compact design. It comes with 2 economical four cylinder engines, with 131 or 160 horsepower front wheels through an automatic transmission. This car can be yours at a very good price, for $16,900 you buy the 131hp Kia Soul with a 7 speed automatic transmission and infotainment system.